Runner Up for Most Loved Business on Pico!

Runner Up for Most Loved Business on Pico!

We were the Runner Up for Most Loved Business on Pico! Thank you to all who have supported us throughout the years!

A few questions we were asked and would like to share with you!

1.     How has Santa Monica influenced or inspired your business?

Santa Monica was an inspiration to open our business for the beauty of the city and wonderful weather. Santa Monica was and still is the center of our family connections and bonds.

2)    How would you describe your business to a tourist or out-of-towner visiting for the first time?

 Gilbert’s El Indio is a quaint family restaurant with quality and delicious Mexican food. It has a friendly atmosphere where family is important and everyone is welcomed.

3)    What separates your business from others in the field?

We do not like to compare our restaurant to any other restaurant. We offer our customers, flavorful food, a family atmosphere and where comfort and friendliness surrounds you.

4)    What does it mean to you to be a most loved business?

We are proud to know that all the work, dedication and passion is rewarded by the people that support us daily. We feel blessed when customers come in and enjoy our food, margaritas and atmosphere and they continue to bring their extended families and friends, instilling in us a strong sense of community.

5)    What is your company’s philosophy or mission?

Our mission is to offer excellent service, authentic Mexican food as well as a friendly atmosphere where our customers feel welcomed and where everyone is treated like family. We value the relationships we have built throughout the years. Gilbert’s El Indio is a place where people can gather for delicious food and where friends become family. Familia y Amigos.   


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